Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Shoppe Update

Hey everyone! I'm here today to share the August update at In a Creative Bubble. This month, there are four new journaling card sets and four coordinating digital stamp sets. You can find them here :)

Sail Away Journaling Cards
This here is my favourite set of cards this month! I had lots of fun envisioning designs that would be fitting for sailing adventures, cruise vacations, and any sort of boat ride. I haven't been on a cruise in a long time, but I have gone on a few ferry rides recently so I plan on documenting those little trips with these cards :)

Sail Away Digital Stamps

Me Time Journaling Cards
I think it's incredibly important for people to have personal time to simply relax, focus on their own interests, and practice self-care. I hope you find this set of cards useful in documenting your own life and your personal stories, because they definitely matter! Design-wise, I wanted these cards to be clean and graphic, with lots of room to journal. I'm really happy with how they turned out!

Me Time Digital Stamps

Go Journaling Cards
Yup, another set of travel themed cards! I had a couple of phrases in mind that I wanted to see on journaling cards, so I designed these cards. I also challenged myself to use a color scheme I don't normally use (a purple-y card is definitely rare for me!), and overall, I'm pretty satisfied. I already used some of these cards in my most recent travel mini-book :)

Go Digital Stamps

Seoul Journaling Cards
Finally, the newest destination that I'm adding to my store is Seoul, South Korea! I originally began designing Seoul-themed cards to use in my own travel mini-book, and I decided to expand the set to release in my store. You'll notice a bit of hangul on the sets - just some basic vocab :) On the green heart card I added "(사랑해)" [saranghae] which means "I love you". The red card says "안녕" [annyeong] which has multiple meanings, but is commonly used as an informal way to say "hello" or "goodbye". These cards have been so easy to use in my travel mini...I'll try and share some pages soon!

Seoul Digital Stamps

A quick reminder that there are several products in the Last Chance category of the store that will be retired at the end of August. I also update frequently on Instagram with inspiration on using In a Creative Bubble products...feel free to tag me @inacreativebubble / hashtag #inacreativebubble so I can see how you use them too :) Thank you for your continued support and I hope you're enjoying your summer! xo.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Summer Sale!

Summer has just flown by this year! I didn't do a ton of things this summer, but it's just been nice to be at home, chilling and hanging out with family and friends. I figured one last hurrah for summer was necessary, so I'm having a storewide sale at In a Creative Bubble to celebrate summer and all the good things it encompasses :) Use the code SUMMER2017 for 15% off your entire order, from now until Sunday evening.

This would be a good time to pick up my favourite travel collection, or anything in the Last Chance category before these products are retired at the end of August. Enjoy! :)

Friday, July 28, 2017

Shoppe Update

Happy Friday everyone! I'm back with the second In a Creative Bubble release for July. This time around, there are four new journaling card sets and three coordinating digital stamp sets. Check them all out over here.

Bibliophile Journaling Cards
I'm starting off with my favorite set this month, this book-themed card set! I've designed reading/book themed cards before (Reading Log and Bookworm are still available in the store), but this new set is a better reflection of my current design style - cute illustrations, clean graphics, and a little bit of hand lettering :)

Bibliophile Digital Stamps

Day by Day Journaling Cards
I envisioned these cards to be a fun set to use when documenting your everyday life or when working on a project like Week in the Life or Day in the Life (à la Ali Edwards). I really wanted to play with type and find ways to make the letters/design interesting and unique. The 'weekend' card and the 'happy little moments' card are my favorites from this set!

Day by Day Digital Stamps

Theme Park Journaling Cards
I may not be the biggest thrill seeker (roller coasters kind of terrify me), but I do enjoy a good ride! Though I named this set 'theme park', I think these would work well for any sort of amusement park or county fair. I plan on using them for my last trip to Universal Studios :)

Theme Park Digital Stamps

Recorded Journaling Cards No.6
It's been a while since I made a new set of cards for my Recorded series, but here they are! While these cards may be a tad different from the previous sets in the series (no black border around each card being the main difference), I stuck with the black and white color scheme and the everyday theme. New, versatile b&w cards are always a winner in my book. Hope you like them as much as I do!

That's it for this month's updates. Just another reminder that the Last Chance products will be retired at the end of August and I update frequently on Instagram! Hope you all have a great weekend :) xo.